One concern when adding your own contributions to a remote project, is the waste of time your efforts become should the project disappear.

The policy of this wiki is that as a contributor, you should be able to obtain a copy of it. Should this wiki disappear, the value of your contributions will not be lost.

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In Development

The intention is to slowly add mud development related information to this wiki until it has enough content for it to be ready for public release.

You are welcome to add to it, but please contact me first if you are going to add new pages.

Link Dump

This is the place for links to be added, for later incorporation into pages yet to be created.



  • FMud Client - The FMud web-client, distributed as a flash SWF file.

General Game Engine Development


  • MSSP - MUD Server Status Protocol.
  • MCCP - MUD Client Compression Protocol.
  • MXP - MUD eXtension Protocol.
  • ATCP - Achaea Telnet Client Protocol.

World Generation

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