The sole reference to CornMUD is a footnote of Michael Lawrie's recollections:

Since this seems to have become a history of MUDs, I should also mention CornMUD. CornMUD was the most advanced game of its kind ever written. It ran at Cornwall Agricultural College on their large VAX systems and it was loosely based on a feudal Baronial land with Knights, Serfs, Kings and a full blown class system. The game was run by Lorry the Arch-Farmer and jam packed with the latest in artificial intelligence driven mobiles. A lot was written about CornMUD and a lot of people talked about how they were doing but it has to be admitted, 18 years on that there never was such a game, and as far as I know there is no such place as Cornwall Agricultural College and if there is, they certainly weren't on the Academic Network. The amusing thing about CornMUD was just how well the legend spread in academic circles, despite there being no more to it than occasional discussions of tactics on bulletin boards and the rare posted log of an Arch-Farmer burning down somebody's small-holding.

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