A MUD with a codebase described as very advanced by its author Nathan Yospe.


This should probably be rewritten to quote post by post, with relevant insightful text excerpted.

Date Title Description Link
841219200|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover New MERCish codebase… Physmud announcement
848563200|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover online games Physmud scripting language sample
858758400|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover MUD Design - Some Thoughts Details the scripting languages provided by the codebase, PIPCODE and reflexscript. Examples of the uses each of these are put to, are also given.
887184000|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover Objects
890948160|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover Roleplaying (fwd) Detail about the neural net based skill system MUD-Dev
902390400|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover new project + roleplaying in muds Thoughts on Physmud's future? alt.mud
915269100|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover Info about different skill systems Detail about "skill webs" MUD-Dev
915399480|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover Info about different skill systems Expanded detail about skills and attributes MUD-Dev
915849000|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover MUD Design doc (long) Detail about dynamic object description generation MUD-Dev
921791940|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover Mass Creation OLC Functions Excerpts from an earlier dynamic description generator MUD-Dev
929046840|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover Game Economies Detail about AI, neural net usage and NLP MUD-Dev
930556800|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover Future MUDs
953607120|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover Object and class heirarchies — are they really necessary? Detail about the Physmud object system MUD-Dev
1046733600|%Y-%m-%d, %R|agohover MUD-Dev conference presentation list 11:00 - Nathan Yospe
Matching Words to Meaning: A Retrospective Look at the PhysMUD
Formed Text Output and Natural Language Input Models

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